Important Features That Your IP Phone System Should Have

06 Nov

You do well to consider a Panasonic telephone system or any other model that's suitable for your business VoIP communications. The system will remarkably transform the way your business communicates internally and with the outside world. The handling of inbound and outbound calls will change for the better, whether you're using an a Panasonic PABX or Avaya PABX UAE suppliers have today.

Here are some critical features that your IP office telephone system should always have:

VoIP Capabilities

VoIP forms the backbone of any panasonic Telephone System, and it's the reason why the resultant advanced communication efficiencies and integration are possible. So, you need to start by selecting a telephone that will support transfer of voice, video, and text communications via the internet. Such a system is relatively cheaper compared with another that relies on traditional telephony networks.


Call routing or automatic call distributor (ACD) is a feature that enables calls to be directed to specific users (customer support agents) or queues depending on a pre-established formula, for example the time of the day a caller tries to contact your business. Call routing has enormous benefits, particularly based on its ability to optimize costs of labor by using each agent as efficiently as practical. For more facts and information about IP telephone system, visit

Quality Control

Any Avaya Telephone System for your office should have a way to assess the quality of communications provided by your staff, especially customer support agents. Quality control is possible when your IP-based PABX telephone system has the ability to record calls for example, making it possible for supervisors to review conversations between agents and callers for training purposes. Other supportive features include eavesdropping with the ability to prompt an agent to say the right things while attending to a call.

Caller ID

It's important for an IP telephone system for the office to have the ability to ID callers. This means that agents can tell the identity of the person on the other end of the phone. This also makes it possible for the system to pull previous customer records based on their identity with a view to providing personalized assistance.

There are numerous features that a Panasonic PABX or Avaya PABX in UAE can support to take your office communications to the next level. Such capabilities include caller screening, call routing, quality control, and VoIP. In the end, you're able to attend to the concerns of your customers more efficiently and with the necessary sense of urgency.

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